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Dreams is a journey in my own world of images, symbols and imagination. Recording my dreams i looked for similarities, patterns, images and relations between them. The Dreams series shows the three different layers of dreaming. Deep, Portal and Light.
I started with collages, to catch a feeling and working from that point on forward.

Deep is a materialisation of the archaic, dark and deep dreams that strike us with meaning and fear of the unknown. Made from massive burned oak, put on seven rusted steel pipes and doused with tar.

Portal describes the everchanging surroundings of a dream. We leave a birthday party, turn our head once and are in a scene of pursuit. Portal is that threshold between one and the other. The room without walls, the invisible doorway. Stainless titanium coated steel, wood, rubble, PU-foam.

Light shows the immateriality of dreams. Sometimes we’re not sure if something is real or not, if we are actually dreaming or if we are awake. What kind of material is that? Can I touch it? Using a holographic effect Light is exploring the boundaries of understanding. Stainless steel, dichroic film, neonlight, mirror, fresnel lense.