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Material Nightmare is the conscious overstepping of taboos in the boundaries of industrial design. Material combination and joining methods create unease and goosebumps. In the fringes of Art and Design the principle of suitable material gets attacked. The series consists of three objects: a table, a daybed and a chair. Strange, grotesque and aesthetic - attacking the norm.

Daybed - glass wool under in greenhouse foil, wrapped with blue polyester belts. You can almost feel the itches on your skin. The Material Nightmare daybed plays with the soft feel of a daybed and the known itchiness of the upholstering material.Already seeing your menace - can you relax?

Chair - Italian green marble, gaffer tape, polystyrene foam. The Material Nightmare chair explores the exclusive and the mundane. Real marble, cheap insulation material and put together in a blasphemous way with tape. Color and material give strong contrasts, criticize the idea of luxury and profanity, making way for aesthetics.

Table - smoked glass, cable pipe. The Material Nightmare Table intrigues playful with the choice of color and the unusual use of cable pipe. The smoked glass is perforated for the pipe to get through. The joining method for this object is so far off that it almost makes sense again. The glass is entirely held by the suspension of the pipe.