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The Proto light was a collaboration with Studio Bad (Rotterdam/Melbourne) in the summer of 2021 - our personal lockdown project.

This project was a full of material experimentation and exploration. Understanding Polyester proved to be tricky and exciting.

We accidentally made an exciting discovery to cast polyester and skip the postproduction.

From that first accident to a working process proved to be a long way of - again - experiments, tests and casts, finally we were able to crack all difficulties and cast organic geometries without the need for sanding or polishing.

Combined with LEDs and a dichroic film we take advantage of the distortive properties of the cast resin and create an effect, that changes color depending on the viewers angle

The final result is 60cm high and resting on a base of pink polyester. The Proto Lamp was shown at the "supergroup" show by superhouse in New York City, December 2020