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The (functional) art of this century is a group exhibition shown at the functional art gallery in Berlin as well as on Design Miami in Miami,Fl.

Inspired by and paying hommage to Peggy Guggenheim's famous Gallery "The art of this century"

"Make two chairs" was the brief for this exhibition, giving a contemporary answer to the "Canvas of design" The Chair as the "all-star" object.

The starting point for this exhibition was my connection to both cities as well as the development of ideas from the "Rite of passage" exhibition.
What is Miami for me, what is Berlin?

My Connection to Berlin is quite intimate. Many times I wandered through this monster of a city, visited friends, went to museums and bars..

My most prominent and important memories are from it's vibrant Nightlife and this underground culture that expresses acceptance, freedom and euphoria.

Losing oneself in the infinity of the moment until the sun rises again and you stumble home, still processing what just happened.

"Berlin" 2019 - Chrome coated VSG, Stainless Steel, Neon

As I have no connection to Miami whatsoever i went with the clichées: Poolparty, cocktail, neon. The Miami Chair is an image drawn from the mind, an idea of Miami, the interpretation of this mystic place across the ocean.

"Miami" 2019 - PU-foam, Aluminum, Tiles, PVC, Silicone